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Devon Hills
Longford Railway

The Longford Railway Committee was established in 2019 to celebrate the sesquicentenary of the Longford Rail Bridge.

The committee plans to host an event in February 2021 to commemorate the occasion.

The committee has set up a GoFundMe page to seek donations to reinstall the majestic pillars.

To make a donation please click here.


Cr Dick Adams (Chair)

Len Langan

Nigel Burch

John Stebbings

Gayle McLucas

Roderick Cuthbert

Gilbert Ness (TasRail)

Lorraine Wyatt (NMC)

News/ History
Local Recycling Committee

Membership of the Local Recycling Committee comprises of ten (10) members, including:

  • 7 Community Members
  • 2 Councillors
  • 1 Council Officer

View the Recycling Committee MOU here.

Download a membership application form here.


Community Members

  1. Owen Diefenbach
  2. Roderick Cuthbert
  3. Sarah Bensen
  4. Maria Lawson
  5. Maureen Shadbolt
  6. Vacant
  7. Vacant

Council Members

  1. Councillor Dick Adams
  2. Councillor Matthew Brooks
  3. Jonathan Galbraith - Northern Midlands Council

Northern Midlands Council Bicycle Advisory Committee

Residents and representatives from community interest groups have applied and members appointed to the Northern Midlands Council Bicycle Advisory Committee, in particular membership comprises the following sectors :

  • One Health Sector Representative;
  • One Recreation Sector Representative;
  • Four Community Members representing the Cycling Community

As a Special Committee of Council, members are appointed and meet in accordance with the Terms of Reference to provide advice and recommendations on:

  • Preparation of the Northern Midlands Council: Municipal Bicycle and Shared Path Plan; and
  • Implementation of actions identified in the Northern Midlands Council: Municipal Bicycle and Shared Path Plan that include:
    • Planning for the development of bicycle pathways and routes which link key assets of our municipality;
    • Prioritisation of developments, ensuring changes are coordinated and reflect the needs of the community and users;
    • Improvements to the safety of users and community members accessing the bicycle pathways;
    • Opportunities to increase participation in cycling usage across the municipality.

The term of appointment is until June 2023.

The Terms of Reference is available here.


Community Representatives:

  • Marcus Burston
  • Tony Cullimore
  • Eric Aalbregt
  • Hugh Mackinnon
  • Colin Cocker
  • Sam Miller

Council Members:

  • Councillor Dick Adams
  • Councillor Janet Lambert
  • Mr Trent Atkinson