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Emergency Management Documents


Please view our Flood Information page for further information on what to do during a flood event in the Northern Midlands Council area.

What to do BEFORE a Flood Find out more
What to do DURING a Flood Find out more
What to do AFTER a Flood Find out more
​Flood Evacuation Standby Notice Find out more

Flood Evacuation Standby Notice - This notice is only letter box dropped during a flood event if there is a possibility of residents needing evacuation from their homes. This notice is followed by a visit by Tasmania Police to assist with evacuation if needed.

Road Closures Find out more

Road Closures within the Northern Midlands Municipality during a flood event.

Quick Guide for Flood Emergency. Find out more
Devon Hills
Devon Hills Emergency Evacuation Plan

Please click here to view the Devon Hills Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Emergency Management Documents
Tasmanian Municipal Emergency Management Plan (Northern Midlands) Find out more
Northern Midlands Social Recovery Management Plan Find out more
State Special Emergency Management Plan Find out more