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Native Animals

Native animals are an important part of our municipality.


During the summer months residents of the Northern Midlands may encounter a snake in their garden or a Council park or reserve within a residential area. To organise for the capture of a snake please contact Reptile Rescue on 0407 565 181. Council cannot provide assistance if the snake is on private property.


Possums in residential areas can pose issues for property owners, particularly when they start finding little holes to get into and make your roof a new home! It is important to remember that possums are extremely territorial and by relocating them from your house/yard they are put in danger of being killed by other possums, usually if left for several days they will find their own way out of your roof. They got in there so they will usually be able to get out themselves.

In Tasmania it is illegal to trap Ring Tail or Brush Tail Possums without a permit, therefore if this is a necessity it is recommended that you contact a Pest Controller in the yellow pages as several do specialise in capturing possums.

Injured wildlife

Injured wildlife

If you do come across any injured wildlife such as birds, wallabies, possums etc if able, it is recommended that you place the animal in a warm dark quiet box, it is important not to feed it anything. If the animal is not approachable and displaying aggression it is recommended that you do not approach it, however note the location so this can be passed on to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

For injured or orphaned wildlife, contact Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on 0447 264 625 any time of the day or night.