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Waste Transfer Stations

Please refer to the below Location section for opening hours for each individual location as they vary.

The Waste Transfer Station Operator's contact is (03) 63913032

Please note all Waste Transfer Stations are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Good Friday and half a day on ANZAC Day.

Costs and Information
Fees and Charges for Waste Transfer Stations

The Northern Midlands Council (NMC) subsidies Residents/Ratepayers within the municipal area for the disposal of rubbish at its Waste Transfer Stations. This subsidy is offered to Residents/Ratepayers only. If non-residents / non-ratepayers choose to dispose of their waste at NMC Waste Transfer Stations no subsidy applies, therefore they will be charged at three (3) times the standard charge.

Site attendees may request you to verify your residence/ratepayer status prior to using NMC Waste Transfer Stations e.g. by showing your driver’s licence or some other form of identification with a current address or showing a current year Northern Midlands Council rate notice.




Fees applicable to residents / ratepayers


Single Axle Trailer / Ute (standard)



Single Axle Trailer / Ute (large)



Double Axle Trailer (Standard)



Double Axle Trailer (large)



Car Boot Load/ Station wagon



240 lt Garbage Bin



50 litre garbage bag



Other commercial vehicles -

Loose (commercial only)


Compacted (Commercial only)


Mattress Disposal (innerspring)







Refrigerators/Air Conditioners



Concrete/Masonry (Longford WTS only)


Green Waste:

Single Axle Trailer /Ute (Standard)



Single Axle Trailer / Ute (large)



Double Axle Trailer (Standard)



Double Axle Trailer (Large)



Sedan/station wagon



240lt Garbage Bin



50litre Garbage Bag


Commercial Vehicles



Car/motorbike tyre



Light truck / 4x4 tyre



Medium truck tyre 18” & over



Large Truck tyre – up to 34”



Note: No Tyres over 34" are accepted, no tyres on rims are accepted - (Tyre must be separated from rim prior to site entry)


Non-resident / non-ratepayers will be charged three times the fees applicable to residents / ratepayers above.

Replacement Kerbside Collection Bins

Replacement MGB’s 140 litre



Replacement MGB’s 240 litre



Replacement Recycling MGB’s 240 litre



MGB Changeover Cost



Abandoned Vehicles – additional charge on top of recovery of removal contractor cost


Kerbside Collection Service (A service consists of one waste bin and one recycling bin) shown on your Rates Account

Recycling at waste transfer stations

The Northern Midlands Council recycles a range of materials at its Longford, Evandale and Campbell Town Waste Transfer Stations. Residents can dispose of recyclables at these waste transfer stations or use the kerbside recycling service. Only domestic quantities will be accepted at the transfer stations. Please note processing of recycling is half the fee of refuse disposal.

A number of recycling business operate in Tasmania for information about these businesses including contact details and by type of material they collect can be found in the Recycling Near You Directory.

What is acceptable and non-acceptable waste?

Generally, acceptable waste includes;

  • Normal domestic and commercial waste
  • Recyclable materials (seperated and left at collection points at the waste transfer station)
  • Green waste (never mixed with any general domestic waste
  • Tyres (a levy is paid on each disposed tyre)
  • Refrigerators and other white goods
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint tins
  • Building materials
  • Batteries

If you have a query regarding what can be accepted contact the Longford Waste Transfer Station on (03) 6391 3032.

Generally non-acceptable waste includes;

  • Controlled waste - defined as any waste with a hazardous characteristic that has special controls on the method of disposal and may endanger public health or the environment. Typicallly, such waste may be derived from plant and animal processing or industrial and chemical waste, especially if such waste has the potiential to be toxic, corrosive or explosive.
  • Asbestos
  • Household or farm chemicals
  • Liquid waste including septic sludge
  • Chemical containers (except for drum muster)
  • Dead animals

NOTE: Council accept masonry and concrete at the Longford Waste Transfer Station only.

What to do with non-acceptable waste?

There are two main landfill sites licensed to take Controled or non-acceptable waste. These are Port Latta in the North West and Dulverton in the North. In the south the Hobart City Council site at McRobies Gully can take limited Controlled Waste such as some medical waste and quarantine waste. In the north, the Launceston City Council at Remount Road can take small and limited quantities of Controlled Waste.

It is always wise to contact the Waste Management Officers at the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment to ask their advise before you dispose of any Controlled Waste or if you are unsure if your waste is considered 'Controlled Waste' or not.


The Waste Transfer Station Operator's contact is (03) 63913032.


Esk Main Road (opposite the reservoir)

Saturday - 10am to 4.30pm

DrumMuster - Saturday 10am to 4.30pm

Campbell Town

100 Sprent Street

Tuesday - 9.30am to 5pm
Sunday - 9.30am to 5pm

Drum Muster - Tuesday 9.30am to 4.30pm (please ring (03) 6391 3032 to register for the drum muster)


58 Gunn Street

Tuesday - 1pm to 5pm
Thursday - 9am to 12noon
Saturday - 1pm to 5pm
Sunday - 1pm to 5pm


291 Marlborough Street

Phone: (03) 63913032

Monday - 1pm to 5pm
Wednesday - 9am to 5pm
Friday - 9am to 5pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 9am to 5pm