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Community input sought on Campbell Town Hall decision

Posted on March 31, 2021

31 March 2021

Community input sought on Campbell Town Hall decision

Northern Midlands Council will proceed with plans to notify the community of its intention to sell the Campbell Town Hall, after the decision was made at its meeting on 15 March 2021.

Mayor Mary Knowles OAM said Council had been reviewing its assets for some time and considering consolidation to ensure it was able to maintain current infrastructure in a sustainable way.

“The decision to initiate the process to sell was made after several years of careful review, consultation and investigation into use of the Town Hall,” Mayor Knowles said.

“Despite the decision of Council, this is not something that will occur immediately.

“The Town Hall is a public facility, therefore Council must, prior to placing the property on the market, go through a rigorous process set out in the Local Government Act 1993 to publicly advertise and seek comment on the decision.

“In doing so, will notify all current tenants and frequent users of the intention to sell the Hall, as well as advertising this decision to the wider community, both in our local newspaper and by displaying a physical notice on the boundary of the property,” she said.

The community will have 21 days from the date of the first advertisement in the newspaper to object to the proposed sale, as well as present viable reasons for the Hall to remain property of Northern Midlands Council.

“If objections are received Council will consider these and decide whether or not to proceed with the planned sale,” Mayor Knowles said.

“Any individual who lodges an objection will be notified of the outcome and their right to appeal.

“If no objections are received, Council will proceed with the sale,” she said.

For further information, please contact Mayor Mary Knowles OAM on 0408 766 625.

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